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Recent Sephora Play Boxes!! 

Since I have been so busy lately, I am really needing to catch up on my subscription box posts! First up, Sephora Play. 

This sub has a special place in my heart because it was my first subscription service and got me hooked on the idea of a monthly package full of surprise goodies. Since signing up, I now also have Boxycharm, Ipsy, FabFitFun, and will be getting my first Macy’s Beauty Box this month. And therein lies the problem… 

Overall, I have come to notice that the Play boxes really don’t seem to compare to my others subs anymore. I have been seeing repeats of some products, I have received items in some boxes that were advertised as GWP online a few weeks prior (Sephora has so many codes for free gifts with 25/35$ purchase it’s insane sometimes), things like that. I’m starting to get burnt out on the same types of products over…and over..and over… But I digress. Let’s do some quick reviews and recaps. ūüôā 

My May box was good. My favorite product was the tr√®StiQue highlight stick (which I now own the full size of! ūüėĀ Full brand blog post coming soon!). I surprisingly used up the whole Rahua hair mask and really loved it, I kind of want to buy the full size but can’t decide. The Belif product I used once and got rid of, it dried me out (shocking!), The Tatcha and NudeStix are both still on a rotation (don’t use them much, bit they are getting used). 

I was apparently busy enough in June that I didn’t even take a photo of my box (or I accidentally deleted it….my bad), so I snagged this picture from the site My Subscription Addiction. I was pretty underwhelmed with my June box, not going to lie. Three items I re-sold: the FAB moisturizer, the perfume, and the IGK. The three I kept were the Ouai oil, the Porefessional (this sample was so freaking tiny I was honestly shocked. They have got to be kidding with that…) and the KVD liquid lip (the only product I really liked out of the whole box). I’ve used each of those maaaaaayyybe 1-2 times. Maybe. For all the talk Porefessional gets, I was not super impressed with it, I didn’t notice a difference between it and other primers I own. The KVD is a lovely summer color, so that was nice to receive. 

And then we come to July’s box. This one was the box that basically gave me the hard push to seriously consider cancelling my subscription. I’ve gotten the rose face mask before, so I’m kind of over that. I will use the Briogeo, after all I received a full size bottle in my FabFitFun I fell in love with the formula. The lippy isn’t really for me but I’m going to give it another shot. And then there’s the Caudal√≠e…UGH. The Caudal√≠e is over HALF EMPTY. I thought it felt light and when I held it up to the light I basically saw no product. Why am I paying for practically empty containers? That really irritated me after getting the miniscule Porefessional sample in June. Second month in a row of lackluster products. 

I will still be getting August’s box, as I haven’t cancelled yet, but after that I may call it quits. When I’m spending money on these boxes, I understand it’s a gamble. They are randomly selected products, and are supposed to be a surprise and introduce you to new brands and such. I just keep getting let down by this subscription. Half full products I could have gotten for free with my last online order are a sad thing to find in a box you paid money for! Samples you can basically get one or maybe two uses out of are a big of a turn off. I’m beginning to wonder if my $10 a month would be better used elsewhere. I will update you all on what I decide after I get my August box (watch, that one will be bomb and make me stick around, haha).

Also debating keeping Ipsy, but that is another post for another day!

Ta-ta for now! MUWAH. 

Subscription Boxes

Spring Fab Fit Fun Box :)

A few weeks ago I received my Spring box from FabFitFun and have been using the time since then to try out the products and get a good feel for them. My first impression upon opening the box was! Why did I take so long to take the plunge on this subscription? It was an AH-MAY-ZING value for what I paid, and almost every single thing in the box has been well-loved and used on a regular basis.

For reference, the box comes quarterly and costs $49.99 (there are many ways to save $10 on your first box, one of which is clicking the link in my Disclaimers and Discounts section!) so it is a really good seeing as you get $200+ dollars worth of quality products each season.

Now for my review of this season:


First off, can we just talk about how pretty the design on this box is? Apparently, they have new designs each season, and I am quite excited to see how these evolve!

Okay, so now on to the lovely items that are away inside¬†inside this pretty package. The listing includes…:IMG_20170423_204525

  • RealHer Lip Kit
  • Gypsy 05 Roundie
  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion
  • Deborah Lippman 2 pc. Set
  • Luv AJ Earring Set (some people received a cuff from Emerald Dove instead)
  • Briogeo Leave-In Conditioner Spray
  • MILLY Zip Pouch
  • Karuna Sheet Masks
  • Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies


These products are all high quality and can be easily integrated into your beauty routines and household use.


RealHer is a brand that donates a percentage of each sale to charities and focuses on empowering women through their products. Each one has an affirmation on it such as “I am Fearless” or “I Deserve the Best”. ¬†The formula of their liquid lipsticks is awesome, but drying (what liquid lip isn’t though?). It stays put all day… and I mean All. Day. I really love this kit, since it has a coordinating lipstick, liner, and gloss. That being said, the color I got looks¬†quite strange on my skin tone in my opinion, not sure what makes it not sit quite right with me, but I am trying to learn to love it, hoping I am just insane and that it is just because it is a shade I am not used to wearing. ¬†The total cost of this kit is $48.00.

Me wearing just the liquid lip shade “I Am Gorgeous”


Next up is the Gypsy 05 Roundie blanket. This is amazing as a lightweight nap time blanket (I love my sleep!) I got a really cute pattern, I think I liked this pattern best out of all the options I could have gotten, so that was exciting. I like to fold this up when I’m not using it to drape it over the couch in my living room. They are available on the Gypsy05 website for $50.00. So just this product alone is worth the amount you paid for the box. Not a bad deal.

One of the items I was MOST excited for in this box was the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator.  I have seen a lot of questions, feedback, and buzz about this product online in reference to what is different about the product in this pretty blue bottle compared to the normal black bottle you can get from Sephora or the Dr. Brandt website.  Truth is, to my knowledge there is nothing different between the two.  This is the age defying version, not the PoreDermabration which a lot of people seem to think it is. This is an amazing scrub which I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of in my February Boxycharm too, so I am thrilled I have a backup, since it has quickly become a ride or die skin care product of mine. This retails for $79.00.

This little bottle whether black or blue, is a little piece of heaven. Definitely a holy grail product for me!


For the mani lovers out there, this season included a cute little set form Deborah Lippman with two shades. I got the set with pink in it, called Shape of my Heart. This is valued at $19 dollars, and honestly the formula is nice (I didn’t have chipping for several days, which is surprising for me) but there is basically no opacity. I had to put on layer, after layer, after layer….just to get anything to show up with the pink shade, and the white shade I gave up on after 3 coats and still not having much opacity. Perhaps I got a bad set, since swatches I saw were more opaque, but if they are all this sheer, I definitely will not be buying this again.

IMG_20170426_164256363The jewelry item I received was the Luv AJ Diamond Kite Crawler earring set, which is surprisingly cute despite me not really being an earring lover. Daily, I actually wear no jewelry besides my wedding band and engagement ring, but I enjoyed integrating this set into my outfits. When wearing these at work I got MANY compliments from students and coworkers alike, however, my ears ended up being sensitive to these. Not sure what exactly they are made out of but after wearing these for two days in a row my ears got red and sore. I might try the clear nail polish trick to see if maybe that helps me out. If not, I will trade with my sister who got the bracelet (she was actually REALLY wanting the earring set).  As of this post going live, these are for pre-order sale in the Luv AJ website for $85.

IMG_20170426_165940708The Briogeo Leave-In Conditioner in this box is literally the It smells like heaven, and I can honestly tell a difference on the days I have used it versus day’s I haven’t (my hair is pretty dry and wavy). My hair has been steadily improving with each use. When I let it air dry, it doesn’t seem to get as frizzy and when I use a flat iron on it (I only ever flat iron my hair when it is totally dry) it is very soft and smooth afterwards. I think this is definitely a product that I will be repurchasing in the future once this bottle runs out. You can find it at Sephora for $20.

It is hard to tell in the photo, but the bag is a super light pastel blue shade. SO pretty. 

Perfect for use at the beach or brunch, this box also came with a super cute and sassy¬†zip-pouch from MILLY. ¬†With phrases like “Beach Please” and “Slay All Day” these pouches make a cute statement piece for beach outfits and mall trips alike. This pouch holds a good amount of items, and is waterproof so you can even store a wet swimsuit in it. ¬†You can find similar products on their website for $45. This bag gets me all kinds of excited for trips out and about.

img_20170426_165801233.jpgSheet masks are a huge part of my skin care regimen lately, so getting the 4-pack of Karuna Hydrating+ face masks was a very welcome surprise. I hadn’t tried anything by this brand before, but I have heard lots of good buzz. I used one of these masks after using the Dr. Brandt microderm and holy cow was my face glowy! Right after removing the sheet my skin it felt a bit tacky, but then it dried and my skin was SO soft and smooth. I felt hydrated too, which is nice since my skin is usually pretty dry (although lately has been acting weirdly combo..). ¬†When my sister tried these, she had a bit of a reaction, getting small bumps on her face, so make sure to take a look at the ingredients to make sure there is nothing listed you might be sensitive to. You can purchase a single sheet for $8.00 or a 4-pack for $28.00.

The last item in the box was actually a bonus product, meaning it was not part of the img_20170426_170005212.jpg
total value of the box this season, and I have read that those in Canada were not able to receive this item, which is a shame. Nature’s Valley Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies are a great way to easily and quickly boost some nutrient intake in your day and help make your nails and hair grow strong and your skin glow! These gummies are the newly improved ones, with a softer texture and a better taste than the ones I am used to. ¬†I had a jar already, but still cracked this jar open a bit to give these new ones a try. I have to say I like these improved ones quite a bit more, and am excited to finish off the jar I had already so that I have an excuse to take these new vitamins.

The last little bonus in the box was access to the new FabFitFun TV which is chock full of online workout videos that can be easily thrown into your schedule at the end of the day to help keep you active and healthy.

Overall, this was an amazing subscription box, I am so excited to get the summer box soon! If you are interested in joining FabFitFun, you can use the link in my Discounts and Disclaimers section for $10 off your first box!