Feeling Très Chic with trèStiQue!! 

This summer in my Ipsy bag I received this cute little lipstick crayon from a brand called trèStiQue. Now, I had never heard of this brand before, but I have been quite the lipstick aficionado as of late, so I was game to try it out. I was surprised how creamy it was at yet still looked matte on my lips. Impressed, I set it aside on my vanity for future use.

trèStiQue lip crayon in Tuscan Wine

A week or so later, I cracked open my Sephora Play box to find another little crayon shaped stick from trèStiQue. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this wasn’t a lipstick like I received in my Ipsy, but a highlighter! YAY. I swatched it and was instantly in love with the glow, so I set it with my little trèStiQue lippy to use that afternoon.

trèStiQue highlight in Maldives Luminescent

I used the lipstick and highlight that afternoon, and then the next day, and the next, and the next…. Fast forward to today, and I am in a committed relationship with my trèStiQue crayons. 

This was only the start of my collection..

OHMYGOODNESS, you guys. This brand does not get anywhere near the amount of hype that they should in my opinion. Since trying out those two little sticks, I now own the tinted face stick, the mattifying duo, brow pencil, full size lipsticks, more minis, the bronzer, blush….the list goes on. Out of love for the products and wanting to test them out, I have aquired one of everything and have yet to find a product that I am disappointed in.  

These products are beautiful for travel, tossing in a bag for touch ups, and I LOVE the 2-in-1 capability this brand portrays in the sense that each full size stick has a tool placed in the bottom that perfectly pairs with the product. Sponges, brushes, blotting papers and more are hidden inside the base of the sticks, and are completely removable for cleaning or replacing. This brand screams ease of use and versatility. 

Now, some of the reasons I have totally fallen for this brand (aside from the whole coolness factor hehe) are as follows:

1) The cream-gel texture. Something about the way these blend out on my skin is so appealing. The coverage of the Tint, Moisturize, and Blend Face Stick is buildable to medium, but never feels heavy or cakey. I draw a few lines on my face, blend them in, then build a bit more on the places I’m extra red like my cheeks and chin. I like to set it with a bit of powder in the morning on really hot or humid days I am good to go all day. 

2). Longevity. These sticks last so long on my skin, and I get a lot of use out of each stick in general too! I have actually just hit the last dregs of my first face stick I purchased this summer, and you best believe I will be digging out every last bit. 

3) Good for you ingredients. Nothing in these sticks is going to be harsh on your skin, and dry skin girls will love these something fierce because of the hydrating ingredients added in. Oily girls can still get some use out of these too, though! They are paraben free, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free, and petrochemical free. Their ingredients are all natural, so they will definitely be good for those with sensitive skin or people wanting to stay away from synthetics in their makeup. 

4) Color selection. While they could definitely expand their range to suit even more skin tones and styles, these versitile sticks fit a wife range of skintones and are perfectly suited to those who like a simple look. There are enough deeper lip and eye shades that you can definitely get some drama in there too! You can go from a soft golden eye look with a nude lip to a vampy smokey eye and bold red lip in a couple minutes. They have recently added ansecond shade of highlight, so I am hopeful they will be expanding their shade range!

Their lineup of products includes the ever popular Essential 8 set, which totes the motto of the 5 minute face. It includes the tinted face stick, bronzer or highlight stick, blush stick, concealer, eyeshadow, brow pencil, eyeliner, and lipstick. You can have an entire full face in a makeup bag (that you get for free with the set!) the size of a water bottle. 

Essential 8 set

I purchased this set so I could have backups to some of my favorite products I had purchased individually, and also get some more colors of lip crayons and shadows. This set retails for 175$, which seems like a lot but the value is incredible. 

As my new Holy Grail, go to, can’t live without it makeup, I have honestly stopped buying a lot of other makeup since this is now all I reach for. I will be so sad if they ever stop making these. Here’s hoping they are always around! I will be a customer for life! 

If you are interested in trying these, you can go to their website trèStiQue.com or sephora.com. They offer a “try before you buy” option, and have various discount codes available through ipsy, FabFitFun, and others. 

You can also save 20% when you send in a photo for a selfie shade match! This is a nice little service they provide where you can send in a well lit selfie and answer a small questionnaire and they will provide recommendations for shades in their products. 

Here soon, I will be posting again to go into more detail about their specific products, shades, and how I use my crayons. Looking forward drop sharing my TrèStiQue love with you all! 

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Recent Sephora Play Boxes!! 

Since I have been so busy lately, I am really needing to catch up on my subscription box posts! First up, Sephora Play. 

This sub has a special place in my heart because it was my first subscription service and got me hooked on the idea of a monthly package full of surprise goodies. Since signing up, I now also have Boxycharm, Ipsy, FabFitFun, and will be getting my first Macy’s Beauty Box this month. And therein lies the problem… 

Overall, I have come to notice that the Play boxes really don’t seem to compare to my others subs anymore. I have been seeing repeats of some products, I have received items in some boxes that were advertised as GWP online a few weeks prior (Sephora has so many codes for free gifts with 25/35$ purchase it’s insane sometimes), things like that. I’m starting to get burnt out on the same types of products over…and over..and over… But I digress. Let’s do some quick reviews and recaps. 🙂 

My May box was good. My favorite product was the trèStiQue highlight stick (which I now own the full size of! 😁 Full brand blog post coming soon!). I surprisingly used up the whole Rahua hair mask and really loved it, I kind of want to buy the full size but can’t decide. The Belif product I used once and got rid of, it dried me out (shocking!), The Tatcha and NudeStix are both still on a rotation (don’t use them much, bit they are getting used). 

I was apparently busy enough in June that I didn’t even take a photo of my box (or I accidentally deleted it….my bad), so I snagged this picture from the site My Subscription Addiction. I was pretty underwhelmed with my June box, not going to lie. Three items I re-sold: the FAB moisturizer, the perfume, and the IGK. The three I kept were the Ouai oil, the Porefessional (this sample was so freaking tiny I was honestly shocked. They have got to be kidding with that…) and the KVD liquid lip (the only product I really liked out of the whole box). I’ve used each of those maaaaaayyybe 1-2 times. Maybe. For all the talk Porefessional gets, I was not super impressed with it, I didn’t notice a difference between it and other primers I own. The KVD is a lovely summer color, so that was nice to receive. 

And then we come to July’s box. This one was the box that basically gave me the hard push to seriously consider cancelling my subscription. I’ve gotten the rose face mask before, so I’m kind of over that. I will use the Briogeo, after all I received a full size bottle in my FabFitFun I fell in love with the formula. The lippy isn’t really for me but I’m going to give it another shot. And then there’s the Caudalíe…UGH. The Caudalíe is over HALF EMPTY. I thought it felt light and when I held it up to the light I basically saw no product. Why am I paying for practically empty containers? That really irritated me after getting the miniscule Porefessional sample in June. Second month in a row of lackluster products. 

I will still be getting August’s box, as I haven’t cancelled yet, but after that I may call it quits. When I’m spending money on these boxes, I understand it’s a gamble. They are randomly selected products, and are supposed to be a surprise and introduce you to new brands and such. I just keep getting let down by this subscription. Half full products I could have gotten for free with my last online order are a sad thing to find in a box you paid money for! Samples you can basically get one or maybe two uses out of are a big of a turn off. I’m beginning to wonder if my $10 a month would be better used elsewhere. I will update you all on what I decide after I get my August box (watch, that one will be bomb and make me stick around, haha).

Also debating keeping Ipsy, but that is another post for another day!

Ta-ta for now! MUWAH. 


Shimmer VoxBox

Recently, I was selected to try out several products by Influenster. The products were all part of the Shimmer VoxBox campaign, and I was THRILLED when I opened the box to find several items that I knew I would love. 

The item that stood out the most was of course the full size (!!!!!!) Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! hair mask. I have tried small samples of this in the past and loved it, so I was estatic to get to try it out consistently. I love this item, and really feel that it helps to keep my hair in great shape. 

Next up, the Impress manicure. Honestly, I hate press on nails. They have always been uncomfortable and fall off within a day or so, which basically made me assume I would hate these as well. Surprisingly, I love these so much I have continued to wear them on a regular basis! They lasted a week (would have lasted longer if I hadn’t started to pick at them) and the variety of different styles they have is awesome. 

The rest of the items were pretty average for me, they didn’t stand out too much, but I still really enjoyed trying these out for free. Such a great deal! 🙂 Thank you Influenster! 

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Random Ramblings~~ 5:30 am Wakeups and Makeups

Work starts again tomorrow (well, I guess it’s actually today now) and I’m so worried about not waking up to my alarm that my body has apparently decided to combat that by still not being tired.

You can’t sleep through an alarm if you never go to sleep! 

5:30 am wakeup, come at me, bro.

Thank God the kids don’t come back until Tuesday. My goal of not drinking coffee all year may get ruined before it has a chance to start. 

I honestly am excited to get back to school, although as per usual I have a TON of anxiety about this school year. The last one wasn’t the best, so I am determined to make this one a great one, it needs to be a palate cleanser after this past school year. 

Anywho, now for the meat of my post! Early wakeups are never fun, especially for a night owl like me who struggles daily with being a morning person. The time zone I work in is also an hour ahead, so that throws my mornings for a loop as well. By about the 3rd month of school, I have dark bags under my eyes, an ever present ponytail, and will opt out of wearing real pants to work in favor of leggings at least twice a week. I have two fur babies to care for in the morning before I undoubtedly leave the house approximately 9 minutes late for work. The few times I have went without some makeup to work I was asked at least two times in each class period if I was sick. 

So, how do I combat the craziness? A simple hair, skincare and makeup routine does the trick. Here is what I try to stick to:

Step one: attempt to style hair the night before. I try to throw my hair back in sme braids after I shower each night so I have some loose waves to work with in the morning. Also helps to avoid using a flat iron daily. 

Step two: a great micellar water. I’ll just swipe a cotton pad over my face in the morning to cleanse and use a touch of moisturizer to cut down my usual skincare routine. I do the bulk of my skincare at night so I can wind down from the day and make sure I can sleep in those extra 5 minutes. 

Step three: make products multi-purpose. I have a small caddy for makeup on my bathroom counter. I try to make sure everything in there is something I can use for more than one purpose. I use bronzer as eyeshadow. Cream blush can double as lipstick. Quick brow routine rounds things out, as I don’t have to impress students with Instagram brows (as if I have enough brow hairs to do that…hahahahah. Funny.) Simple, fuss free makeup is important. 5 minute face, because that’s usually all I have time for. I recently got very familiar with a makeup brand that is based around a 5 minute face called trèStiQue that once I start using up some other makeup I have had sitting around I will be using daily, too! All stick makeup. Love it. 🙂 

Step four: hydrate. The one thing I do in the morning and all day long is make sure to drink tons of water. As a teacher, it’s hard to stay hydrated because I’m constantly talking, walking around class, and I can’t leave to pee whenever I want. But if there was one thing that helps me to avoid looking as burnt out as I feel by the time Christmas break comes, it’s hydration. One bottle by the time I get to school, and I try to make sure I have to refill after every other class period to keep on track with my daily goals. 

Well, this is probably the most random post I will every have on here I hope, but it did the trick of helping me get a bit more tired! Here’s to a great school year! 

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Random Rambling Quick Updates :)

Oh man, has it really been three months since I last posted?!? Shooooooooot. How does that even happen?

Well, for one, the last month of the school year was insane. I can hardly believe that it was as busy as it was. My students were struggling with staying motivated in the last few weeks, impatiently waiting for the final bell that would say “it’s summer!!” and wearing me out as a result.  I had students participating at the state level for livestock judging (PROUD FFA ADVISOR RIGHT HERE!!) that my husband and I were helping them prepare for, and all other manner of craziness was happening.  I wasn’t even out of school a week before I was meeting with students to prepare for county fair week activities, setting up online classes for some students, and going back to the school to work on my classroom a bit. When your last day of school is the 2nd of June, the rest of the month tends to zoom by as well.

July was a whirlwind of events as well, with friends coming into town for 4th of July celebrations (that actually happened on the 8th, silly Paris…), to my husband being gone for work trips for almost 2 full weeks. Dillon’s stepfather had a knee replacement so I was helping my mother-in-law out a lot, feeding cattle before going into her beauty shop to paint since she had to stay home with her husband. For those two weeks I spent most of my time covered in various shades of paint (and destroying a few shirts and workout pants in the process!).

It seems that before I could blink it was the end of July and now I am in full blown stress-mode getting ready for school to start (ALREADY?!?! WHY?!?!). Teachers are back in the classrooms on Aug. 7 and students come back the following day. Doesn’t seem real that I will be starting my 3rd year of teaching! Time has flown.

I am HORRENDOUSLY far behind on the blog posts I wanted to write, so these next few posts may be a bit action packed. In an effort to catch back up, I will be posting next week a blog about my last few Sephora Play boxes (and the fate of that subscription…), followed by a post about my recent Ipsy bags and how I am going to decide the fate of that as well.  I will have my seasonal FABFITFUN box review, along with a blurb about my first Add-On purchase and how happy I was with it, as well as an upcoming in-depth review on the new brand I am seriously considering dumping ALL my other makeup for (seriously, I like it so much I want to put a ring on it, no joke..).  Just waiting for one more package to arrive before I finalized that blog post review. 🙂

I have recently won a giveaway containing a VERY sought after, popular, divisive, out of stock product, the moment that arrives I will start playing so I can get my thoughts on that posted as quickly as I can.

All in all, this summer has been a whirlwind, and I appreciate all of you who have stuck around despite my radio silence! I promise you I will get back to posting WAY more regularly.

In the meantime: SURVEY TIME!! In the comment section below, what kinds of posts are you wanting to see? Tutorials? One brand reviews? Like I said, I have lots of content bouncing around my head I need to get written, but I want ideas and requests from you lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by, MUWAH!


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Sephora Benefit Event

Back on April 22nd I was able to participate in the event my local Sephora inside JC Penney was having for Benefit as part of their launch of the new GALifornia blush and Hoola Lite bronzer. I was so excited to be able to go since I haven’t tried a whole bunch of items from Benefit and I was curious as to how some of their products would perform.

Needless to say, I quickly fell in love with some of the products and had to make a purchase. There will be some mini haul details and reviews to come.

But first, my finished look. 🙂  The cast member gave me a beautiful, summery, light look. I was so excited with what my looked turned out to be.

IMG_20170422_130804788 (2)
#carselfie #noshame #squinty #itwasbrightout

Some of the products the cast member used on me are as follows:

  • Stay Flawless Primer
  • Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation
  • Hello Flawless Powder Foundation
  • Hoola Lite Bronzer
  • GALifornia Blush
  • Dandelion Twinkle Highlight
  • Goof Proof Brow Pencil in 03
  • Gimme Brow in 03
  • They’re Real! Double the Lip in Juicy Berry

Seriously fell in love with this look! I made the splurge for a few of the products that were sure to sell out and and waiting to purchase the last few later on. 🙂

I hadn’t used any of the products before except for the Gimme Brow (mine was in the old packaging way back when), and the only thing I didn’t really fall for was the primer/foundation, but I feel that if the foundation was maybe set with a different powder, it might have been better for my skin. It felt SUPER hydrating, on my skin almost to the point that it was too dewy. I’m thinking I may try to get a sample of it to try it again in the future to for sure rule it out or not.

IMG_20170422_165219748 (1)

The products I decided to purchase were the Hoola Lite bronzer (I got one of the last ones my store had that day, my lucky day!), the Goof Proof Brown Pencil, and this ridiculously adorable ‘Sunday My Prince Will Come’ set that included several perfectly sized minis of a couple of the other products the cast member used along with two that she didn’t use but that I really enjoy after trying them out for a few weeks.




Details on the cute little kit are:

  • Mini size GALifornia blush
  • Mini size High Beam liquid highlighter
  • Mini size Gimme Brow in 03
  • Mini size They’re Real Tinted Brow Primer



As mentioned previously, I have used Gimme Brow in the past, before they re-branded everything with new packaging and all. I have always been a fan of it, and luckily it still performs beautifully. As someone with incredibly sparse brows (damn you brow waxing circa 2006, seriously THEY NEVER GREW BACK!), I have to do a lot to keep myself from looking like Mona Lisa. I really loved the way the Goof Proof Brow Pencil filled in my brows and how the Gimme Brow made my brows look fuller and held my few hairs in place.  High Beam is a really pretty, satiny pink (as stated on the package) high light that really helps to make cheekbones and other high points on the face glow. The GALifornia blush is a glowy, golden pink color that brings SO MUCH SUMMERY LIFE to the cheeks.  It is radiant. If you are in the market for a new blush, I highly suggest that you take a look at this blush.

Overall, I have quickly fallen in love with these different products and it makes me want to go out and get more products (looking at you, Double the Lip!).

I’m so thrilled that the SiJCP has these events so customers can better acquaint themselves with the different brands offered. Can’t wait for the next one!



IMG_20170403_164835950 A little while back I was sent a bottle of the new trendy LIFEWTR from Influenster for testing purposes. The bottle was cool and all but overall I honestly was not too impressed.

The taste was not quite as good as other, less expensive waters I usually purchase.  I could very much taste the added minerals and such, which I’m not really a fan of.

I have seen bottles this size at the store for under $2.00, which isn’t as bad as it could be, so that is nice.

All in all, I’m not sure if I will repurchase this in the future, but I am thankful that Influenster sent this bottle to complimentary for my review.





I recieved this free from @Influenster @LIFEWTR

#InspirationDrops #2017 #contest