About __glowgetter__

I started this blog as a way to delve into the beauty community and try to make an impact. Even if only one person takes some of my advice and uses it to better him or her self, their self esteem, anything, then this blog was worth it.

I love beauty products, skin care, cosmetics and the like, so that will be the majority of my page.  For those who follow this blog and wish to see more personal things like dealing with anxiety, depression, and self esteem (or really anything on a more personal level), I will occasionally post those as well, but will be sure to figure out how to filter them into a special category.


This blog will be my outlet for my own sanity as well, so I hope we can build a great little community here and grow together as bloggers, make up enthusiasts, and people in general.

The world can be a beautiful place, and it is the job of everyone to enhance that.


About me:

I am a Christ follower, agriculture obsessed teacher, wife, makeup hoarder, and fur mom to Charlie (shelter pup), Leonidas (ditch kitty), and Riley (snuffly little hedgehog). My husband is a hardworking man who aspires to farm full time, and I’m the one who gets to help him achieve that (how lucky am I?!). I love to read, hang out with my family (especially my sister!) and of course play with makeup.

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If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or requests, feel free to contact me!