First blog post? SURE!

I find it amusing that in starting a WordPress blog, they gave me a non-descript pre-made first blog post to edit! Cool beans!

If you have come here to peruse my offerings after finding me on Instagram (@__glowgetter__) then welcome! I hope you find my posts here to be as entertaining and inspiring as you find my IG! If you stumbled upon my blog by accident, welcome as well, and I hope you will stick around to see how things progress.

I am very much new to this whole blogging/gramming/tweeting thing, despite being in my mid-twenties and a high school teacher who has to constantly deal with students’ faces being glued to their phones and school provided iPads. Even so, my husband has been encouraging me to pursue my little pipe dream hobby of being a beauty blogger, so here I am!

I am by no means an MUA, and one most days I have minimal makeup on while simultaneously being covered in any manner of dog/cat hair (it’s an accessory, okay?!) so my super jazzed up posts may be few and far between.

One of my most enjoyed hobbies is product testing, review, and recommendations, so I plan to offer up a lot of those goodies here.  These first few months will be rocky, I am sure. However, once summer break hits (can’t come soon enough!) I will be hitting it harder and planning out my specific topics, days I will blog, etc.

If you stick along with me on this ride, please know that I am forever grateful for the love and encouragement. If you choose to leave, make sure criticisms are constructive so that I may become better!

Post in the comments: Have any of you recently started a blog? I’d love to be able to support you! Any recommendations on how to get started? Also, feel free to ask me any questions about myself! I am hoping to put a blog post together later this week with more about me, but until then I would love to answer your questions. 🙂